The Road Less Travelled…

The sad fact of life is that when we want to trudge into a road less travelled, people don’t show faith in us.
Rather than appreciating us for going into something out-of-the-league, they try to bring us back to the traditional path.

It irritates us.

They can’t see what we are seeing.

We just have to silently work and nod against all their advices and suggestions, letting them know that they’re so right and we’ve been foolish in our ambitions. The moment of joy comes when someone unexpected comes to us and says our decision was right.

Well, very few people understand passion.
Don’t expect them to understand.
Don’t try to make them understand.
Just say yes to all their advices and follow what we want.

Ultimately, when we will emerge out successful, they would have known that it’s not too bad doing something out of the league.


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