beautiful cool staircases (12)
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Yesterday, after a long time, I used the staircase (usually I take the elevator – to reach my flat. The moment I landed my feet on the desired floor I turned back and looked at the staircase. I impulsively counted the steps in my mind: nine in total. My look became a stare and I started naming them one at a time. The names, starting from bottom upwards, are as follows:
STEP 1: Loss. [It often is sudden and when you are least expecting it.]
STEP 2: Pain.
STEP 3: Tears. [The time between STEP 2 and 3 is the quickest.]
STEP 4: Realization of purpose.
STEP 5: Preparation. [Nick names: Struggle, Hard work.]
STEP 6: Meeting with Assholes in the garb of a Saint. [These big time losers are there only to make you smarter. So cheer up!]
STEP 7: High octane Insult. [Nick names: Failures, Heartaches, Challenge and the like.]
STEP 8: Indomitable Stubbornness. [Many people stop here because of exhaustion.]
STEP 9: The Ultimate Goal.

Once you cross these nine steps then – Voila! – you are at a place which your heart called and soul recommended as Home!

Adapted from an article by Novoneel Chakraborty.


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