Living in surrender………

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I  recall the time when my little hand used to hold Papa’s finger while crossing the road. There was no fear of being hit by any vehicle. For kids, the presence of parents makes them feel extremely light. There are no apprehensions in mind because we know that someone is there to take care of us. We seek shelter when life’s problems overpower us. I truly believe that a power which everyone calls as ‘GOD’(though I’m an atheist, I rarely visit any place of worship, and that too only for Kar Seva, but I still  believe there is some unknown energy/power which makes everything work almost perfectly, so here on I’ll call that energy as GOD). He gives parental affection to us at each and every step in life. Despite knowing this we worry about everything in life. Despite knowing this, we worry about everything and over-analyse even a small problem.

Surrender is one way to come out of most complicated situations. It implies leaving everything in God’s hands. It is about doing all our duties sincerely and believing that whatever result we get is what God thinks is best for us. Throughout life we make scores of plans. But when your plans don’t work out, does it not seem that perhaps God has prepared another plan for us?

Accepting the things which we cannot change or control is the essence of happy life. Of course surrender does not mean making no decisions at all or doing no work! We need to put our heart and soul into each task. if some uncertainty or critical situation crops up, we should just do the best we possibly can.

If you made mistakes unknowingly, or hurt people unknowingly rectify those deeds even though if you are thought of as a weak emotional idiot. 

When we entrust the matter to the Creator, He/She sure is to help in one way or the other. That is infact the power of faith, the force of life. It gives us strength to fight the daunting battles of life. When God takes away something we should not think that he is punishing us. He is leaving us empty handed to recieve something better.


Adapted from a spiritual column from a well known daily ‘Hindustan Times’.


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