Government Service is a Status And Not a Contract

As per 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC), Government of India recommendations,
As we have mentioned above, government service is not a contract.
It is a status.
The employees expect a fair treatment from the government. The States should play role model for the services. In this connection, it will be useful to quote the observations in the case of Bhupendra Nath Hazarika and another vs. State of Assam and others (reported in 2013(2)Sec 516) wherein the Apex Court has observed as follows:

“……… It should always be borne in mind that legitimate aspirations of the employees are not guillotined and a situation is not created where hopes end in despair. Hope for everyone is gloriously precious and that a model employer should not convert it to be deceitful and treacherous by playing a game of chess with their seniority. A sense of calm sensibility and concerned sincerity should be reflected in every step. An atmosphere of trust has to prevail and when the employees are absolutely sure that their trust shall not be betrayed and they shall be treated with dignified
fairness then only the concept of good governance can be concretized. We say no more.”

“The Commission has recommended multiskilling of the government employees which would increase their operational efficiency while simultaneously optimising the staff strength. It is, however, noted that while rightsizing in government is necessary given the changes  in work process due to technology and consequent reduction of layers, a blanket ban on filling of vacant posts across the board can impact effective functioning. More flexibility is required in this policy for effective service delivery and care has to be taken that administrative delivery structures do not become hollow or thin in critical areas. It is, therefore, essential that the government revise the Annual Direct Recruitment Plan (ADRP) in terms of which only one third of the vacancies can be filled up. This instruction has resulted in an aging bureaucracy which does not easily adapt itself to technology. An active and younger profile in government employment is the need of the hour. Further, strengthening of the cutting edge for efficient delivery is required. New guidelines, where reduction in manpower and levels of fresh manpower intake would be assessed and prioritized by the individual ministry or department keeping its work processes, service delivery and functional requirements and budgetary savings at centre stage should, therefore, be issued.”

Source: Seventh Central Pay Commission


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